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Empowering Educators in Literacy Leadership 

Actionable literacy leadership strategies for administrators, instructional coaches and teacher leaders.

The Consultant
Looking at education from a different angle. Literacy leadership in action.

Education is a playground of twists and turns. As a campus leader, you are called to be the master of everything. Overwhelming? It can be. Don't get stuck in your office or classroom spinning in so many directions you're not sure what goal is being met or if anyone even knows what the goals are any more. 


 Not the expert in literacy instructional best practices that guarantee student progress? Not to worry, with my exceptional literacy instructional skills, standards expertise, and assessment success outcomes,  I will empower you to be a literacy leader who engages educators and students in a love of reading where you model, facilitate, and analyze as an expert literacy leader.


We will collaborate to define your literacy leadership brand and vision. Empowered with the knowledge necessary to lead, your teachers will perform with instructional excellence that encourages, engages, and empowers their students to be master learners.


Your school will perform with excellence!  


Let's Boost Your Leadership!

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Your inquisitive nature and learner focus brought you here. 

Time limitations are a reality and this is just the starting point
for you. 

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You are a busy leader but ready to make a commitment to grow you to grow every one else. 

You're willing to do the hard work required to show-up and lead a literacy movement. 

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Ready to revolutionize literacy to the next level? 

I've got everything you need to make the biggest impact ever and let literacy make everything soar! 

People perform for leadership they believe in, leadership that puts into their every day practice exceptional educational actions. You can't afford not to be a literacy leader on your campus.

Latest Blog Posts

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Mrs. Chae trained our at-risk Reading Interventionists on how to implement effective reading instructional practices rooted in data analysis activities, goal setting,  standards analysis, and assessment analysis. In turn, the interventionists were able to lead teachers through similar activities meeting the needs of their students and improving content mastery outcomes for our students.  She is an expert in the Science of Teaching Reading and all it encompasses. I became an avid read aloud facilitator under her great leadership and have actively participated in encouraging a love of literacy for my teachers and students. 

Duane T., Elementary Principal

Mya is someone that teachers and administrators trust and depend on for support without hesitation. Leadership and coaching came so naturally to her. She patiently and persistently leads teachers to greater pedagogy and personal investment through campus PLCs. With many voices, needs and wants on a Title I/Dual Language campus, she consistently supports the campus improvement goals through her work with individual teachers and teams. Many campus leaders contact her regarding the effectiveness of her Literacy centered PLC design.

Kimberley B., Director of Language Learner Programs

Mya is well versed in finding trends in our data. She is able to see the reasons for outcomes that others don't initially identify. She empowers administrators and teachers by leading them through data analysis activities specific to the outcomes of student learning. Teachers and our administrative team were able to locate and identify learning trends and gaps in student learning with her guidance. She then lead teachers through hands on instructional learning best practices activities for use in their classrooms.  Mrs. Chae is an exceptional educator who has a wealth of information and is willing to provide training for teachers who are willing to learn. Her expertise in reading comprehension instruction is the most impressive!

D. Trujillo, Elementary Principal

Mya's leadership is valued by administrators, instructional coaches, and campus teachers who readily reach out to her for guidance, to put systems in place for support and wisdom in all areas of literacy instruction. Mya is a very talented, natural leader. Administrators have relied heavily on her support in making sure teachers are implementing best practices.

A. Wright, ELAR Coordinator


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