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About Me

Mya L. Chae, M.Ed.

Educator, Educational Consultant, Coach  & Author

Navigating the educational muddy waters teaching children in grades kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades made me a master in instructional best practices. My goal was always that 100% of my students would master content in an engaging way that empowered them to be master problem solvers and independent thinkers. These aren't just buzz words. To put that goal into action I had to be a fighter. Education is a tricky business because it is the business of people. People who learn this way and that. People who thrive with this but not that. A fighter fights for every learner and every learner's needs and never wavers in meeting those needs. I never wavered. I achieved always what I set out to accomplish for my students. I got dirty with data and took on the burden of knowing that if even one student failed, that was my doing. Failure wasn't an option.

With this kind of mindset it was natural for me to enter into the wonderful yet challenging world of instructional coaching. The continuum of instruction from K-5 is not one many, dare I say most are keenly aware of beyond a wholistic understanding. Success is in the details. Details are groomed and mastered through data analysis, purposeful and demanding professional development aligned to the specific needs of the students and the teachers who teach them, and through the keen ability to determine and navigate assumptions versus realities with educators and the administrators who lead them. As an instructional coach, my goals were the same, 100% empowerment for all. Teachers, students, and administrators. I am a powerful data analysis expert with an eye for numbers and student population outcomes that effortlessly targets strengths and deficits. Once identified, I quickly develop professional learning goals and implement professional development where there is no option but for educators to be excited and motivated to learn and for students to show mastery. 

If your campus is not an A campus, ask yourself, "What do I/we not understand? What do we need to learn?" I will work with you to identify your realities and plan forward for immediate success in academic growth. You will be an A campus if you are willing to take this journey. 

The responsibility of the coach is to model best practices in instruction at all times. Encourage adult learners to dive into their data and discover academic outcomes. Engage adult learners in hands-on learning and application while always planning forward. Empower adult learners with knowledge, pedagogy advancement, and improved content mastery for all. 

​Education & Certifications

  • Masters in Reading Instruction

  • Bachelors in Elementary Education and Special Education

  • Certified Reading Specialist

  • Administrator Certification

  • Instructional Coaching credits with Jim Knight 

  • Instructional Coaching credits with The Fundamental Five

  • Instructional Coaching credits earned through University of Texas

Education Positions & Experience

  • Instructional Coach campus; teachers and administrators; 10 years

  • Instructional Coach district level

  • Literacy Specialist K-8

  • Reading Intervention K-5

  • PLC Facilitator K-5

  • Data Analyst 

  • Professional Development Facilitator; campus and district

  • 8 years classroom teacher

    • Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th,  and 8th grades​


  • Co-Author of The Skinny on Your School: How do you measure up?

  • Podcast Host

    • Edification: leading through coaching and excellence​

And More

  • Created, facilitated, and provided one-on-one coaching focused on best practices in literacy instruction leading to improved tier 1 literacy instruction effectively reducing the percentage of students with reading disabilities from 37% to 3% in two school years 

  • Successfully created and facilitated professional learning to assist educators in data analysis, improved student outcomes, and improved pedagogy to meet the needs of every individual learner

  • Created and implemented multiple initiatives to improve state assessment outcomes

    • Vocabulary is Victory in Learning​

      • K-5 reading academic vocabulary: ​professional development provided for 3 years to improve teacher understanding and instructional practices resulting in assessment mastery percentage improvement from a low C rating to an 89 rating in one school year

    • Guided Reading and Purposeful Planning Initiative

      • facilitated training in first implementing quality guided reading lesson centered around mastery for all students​

      • trained teachers in creating rigorous, standards aligned critical thinking questions

      • trained teachers to develop purposeful and meaningful daily guided reading lesson plans for every student every day

    • K-5 Writing Initiative

      • facilitated best practices in writing instruction with an achieved goal outcome of every student writing in every content area every day in every classroom​

  • More can be shared upon your request.

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Why do I need a Coach?

If you require your teachers to be coached and you don't seek coaching yourself, what message are you sending? A message that screams growth and learning isn't valued. The best leaders know they cannot do it alone. They also know continued learning and coaching collaboration specific to their role encourages their team to see the value in having their pedagogy evaluated, groomed, and made better. The coach's viewpoint is skilled to see the big picture; to take in all roles, evaluate their impact and efficiency, and create a plan that utilizes every strength. The leader who seeks coaching engages in personal evaluation of one's own work and collaborates to make improvements for their team. If you are a leader who thinks they already know it all, you need coaching most of all. If you seek to see things from a different angle to make advancements on your campus, you are the best kind of leader.  

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